Influencer Networks & Campaigns

Tools & data to help you pick out the best influencers for you.

Once a match is found, the work begins. We can help with your content, goals, expectations, communications, etc.

Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

  • Recruit high-impact influencers
  • Generate quality creative content
  • Build & nurture meaningful relationships
  • Measure & drive results

Improve ROI

Build high performing influencer programs that collect & measure revenues for true ROI at any scale.

Increase Awareness

Amplify your influencer marketing programs by connecting with influencers who reach your potential customers.


Stand out from your competition, using customized strategies & data across all of your marketing channel.


Maximize Growth

Here at SMartplAI we are committed to maximizing your potential growth.

Increase Profitability

We help reduce costs while finding you new ways to make money.

Data Monetization

Our expert team uses cutting edge data monetization services to drive success.

The one stop shop for influencer campaigns

Streamline your influencer marketing, drive revenue, & increase sales
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Nurture Relationships That Drive Results

SMartplAI leverages influencer campaigns across all advertising channels.

Innovative Strategies

Data tracking is just one step – we use it to build customized strategies leveraging data from every channel to create the most effective advertising possible.

Master Conversions

We focus on converting one customer at a time – in any way possible. We are focused on constantly improving campaigns across all channels and increasing your conversion rate.

Invest In Growth

Our target is what drives everything we do – turn traffic into dollars and dollars into gains. With our high-performing ROI-based advertising, we help you scale your business.

Insightful Analysis

Our tools allows us to understand what’s happening on your site at a deep level, giving us insights on visitor demographics, campaign performance, and many other features.

Real-Time Reporting

Actionable insights are only useful if they’re accurate. We provide near real-time reporting on every aspect of your site’s operation from visitor behavior to conversion rates.

Our dashboard shows you everything that matters at one glance.

You'll never miss a thing

  • Step Up Your Data-Driven Strategy
  • Maximize ROI from customer data
  • Connects customer data from multiple sources
  • Supports customer relationship building
  • Leverage customer data to build targeted marketing campaigns