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Poor analytics leads to missed opportunities.

The low-quality and cost of data can lead to poor decision making. Often times, individuals base their business decisions on antiquated numbers instead of meaningful, impactful analytics data. This leads to valuable insights being missed that could lead to increase profits or a decrease in operational costs.

SMartplAI provides deep insight into your company’s most valuable assets — its data — while still maintaining an ethical approach with their customers. They provide premium information through revolutionary and trusted data monetization services that your company has been missing out on.

You need data. We have data.

The kind of data that tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.
Helping you make the best possible decisions for your company.

Improve ROI

We use logic, data, and science to reduce the amount of wasted digital ad dollars being spent.

Increase Awareness

Connecting people through visuals and sound to bring them closer together.

Improve User Experience

Create a user experience that will enhance your revenue and impress advertisers and visitors alike.

Sensory Connections

We draw connections using logic, science, and data – we bring people together with visuals and sound for an unprecedented experience.

Drive Revenue

We have developed and refined decades-old data strategies that can help you reduce costs and increase resourcefulness.


We use our expertise & AI to build customized strategies leveraging data from every channel.

The success of your business hinges on how much money you’re bringing in.

SMartplAI will take your business to the next level when it comes to making sure that you are maximizing every penny of what you earn. From adding value to finding opportunities for cost cutting, we will use all our knowledge and expertise in order to help ensure success for anyone who does business with us.


Maximize Growth

Here at SMartplAI we are committed to maximizing your potential growth.

Increase Profitability

We help reduce costs while finding you new ways to make money.

Data Monetization

Our expert team uses cutting edge data monetization services to drive success.

The one stop shop for business data

If your revenue is stagnant or slipping its time to call the experts to help get your money flowing again.
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Our Numbers Tell The Story

SMartplAI doesn't collect data for itself. We collect data for you!

Innovative Strategies

Data tracking is just one step – we use it to build customized strategies leveraging data from every channel to create the most effective advertising possible.

Master Conversions

We focus on converting one customer at a time – in any way possible. We are focused on constantly improving campaigns across all channels and increasing your conversion rate.

Invest In Growth

Our target is what drives everything we do – turn traffic into dollars and dollars into gains. With our high-performing ROI-based advertising, we help you scale your business.

Insightful Analysis

Our tools allows us to understand what’s happening on your site at a deep level, giving us insights on visitor demographics, campaign performance, and many other features.

Real-Time Reporting

Actionable insights are only useful if they’re accurate. We provide near real-time reporting on every aspect of your site’s operation from visitor behavior to conversion rates.

Our dashboard shows you everything that matters at one glance.

You'll never miss a thing

  • Step Up Your Data-Driven Strategy
  • Maximize ROI from customer data
  • Connects customer data from multiple sources
  • Supports customer relationship building
  • Leverage customer data to build targeted marketing campaigns