About Us

Always Forward Thinking

SMartplAI strategically applies adaptive, multi-prong approaches to marketing through data monetization.

We apply the most intricate tools available to produce top notch outcomes. Continuously seeking to mitigating unrealized losses and maximizing unforeseen revenue streams. All tied out to clear simplified reporting.

Our Goals

Improve ROI

Cuts the waste of digital ad dollars being spent through logic, data, and science.


Increase Awareness

Connects human senses through visual and auditory stimulation to create front of mind awareness.


Unify Data

Unification of gardens and platforms through data highways.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Relentlessly pursue the newest technology available in the digital echo system for our clients’ specific applications.


Better Attribution

Provide the best available attribution.


Improve User Experience

Create the best user experience for both the advertises and advertisers.


Keep It Simple

Keep the user interfaces simple.


Technology Agnostic

Stay agnostic, knowing that the best way to serve our clients’ needs is to seek the best of all technology available, not believing in only using our own.